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ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)
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Difference between ML and DL servers


Difference between ML and DL servers


My customer is asking me about some major difference between ML 370 G5 and DL 380 G5 servers. ( Not the tower/ rack diffrence).

could any body can help me

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Re: Difference between ML and DL servers

Both servers can be installed to a rack.

The general difference is expandability: if you need e.g. to install a lot of expansion cards, you'll generally prefer the ML series over the DL.

If your expansion needs are simple and you need to maximize the number of servers per unit of volume, then DL is the preferred choice. Watch out for the power and cooling requirements though.

Here are the links to "product overview" pages at

The range of CPUs seems to be the same in both models.

The DL can take only a maximum of 32 GB of memory, while the ML can take 64 GB.

The DL can take only 8 internal disks, while the ML can take 16.

The card slot configuration is a bit tricky.

One PCIe x4 slot in both is taken by the SmartArray controller, unless you pick the "economy" configuration.

With the DL, you'll always get one more PCIe x4 slot and then you must choose either a PCIe or PCI-X riser: with the former, you get two PCIe x8 slots and one more PCIe x4 slot.
With the latter, you'll get one PCIe x8 and two PCI-X slots. The total number of available slots is 4 (or maybe 5 in economy configurations).

In the ML, you'll always get two PCI-X slots and six PCIe x4 slots. If you need faster PCIe slots, you can use PCIe expanders to turn any pair of PCIe x4 slots into a single PCIe x8 slot.
The maximum number of cards is 8, if PCIe x4 is fast enough.


Re: Difference between ML and DL servers

Thanks a lot. It's really help full.