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Differences PL1600 P08 and E34?

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Differences PL1600 P08 and E34?

Dear reader,

While looking for a firmware update for my Proliant 1600 I found there are two "versions".
The P08 (wich I have) and the E34.
I'd like to know what the differences are.
Does the firmware for the E34 have more options? And if it does, would it be possible to flash that firmware into my P08?
Or would I need to flash it externaly (EEPROM programer, hotswap method with a E34 model, any other ideas?)

Also, I have a set of matched pair P3 700Mhz Slot1 CPU's (100Mhz FSB).
On this forum I saw someone claiming he even got 850Mhz models working in a PL1600.
I've figured out how the SW1 jumpers work (counts in binary, every higher binray number equals 0.5x) so setting the busmultiplier won't be a problem.

I really need those two chips to get working in my server, because I'm going to need at least that much processing power.
Getting another server is not an option. I'm on a tight budget and got my PL1600 almost for free.

Right now it just says it has recognised an unsupported CPU and then halts the system.
Upgrade model VRM's are fitted, so thats not the problem.
Also, the latest P08 firmware has been installed.

Some time ago I tried to boot the Firmware Maintenance CD. It just gave me a bash (linux) prompt.
Can I do something with that to disable CPU type checking?

Thanks in advance
Steven Clementi
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Re: Differences PL1600 P08 and E34?

I would expect tthat the different BIOS types would be because there were 2 different "generations" of PL1600's. I believe the P08 model was the newer once, being a PIII dual processor capable Server where the E34 may have been the PII model(s) first introed in late 1997/early 1998.

The P III model was introed in 1999.

Thats all I have, based on the Quickspecs and limited personal experience.

Steven Clementi
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Re: Differences PL1600 P08 and E34?

Then I think it would be the otherway around.
My P08 came with a P2-350, and later I added another P2-350 wich I had laying around.
Also, the inside of the covers only mention a maximum 450Mhz P2 CPU.

Both servers are the same, in hardware point of view right?
And then the difference being the firmware, correct?

I have checked out the chipset and it should support Coppermine P3's (including my two 700Mhz chips), but it seems the firmware is not co-operating.
Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: Differences PL1600 P08 and E34?


what i remember is this about Pl1600
Two models
266/300MHz Pentium II
350MHz to 600MHz Pentium II and III

Where as processor support goes :
Description Spare Part#
350/100 MHz Pentium II Processor
400/100 MHz Pentium II Processor
450/100 MHz Pentium II Processor
500 MHz Pentium III Processor
550 MHz Pentium III Processor
600 MHz Pentium III Processor

700 wont be working So dont try this at home :-)

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
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Re: Differences PL1600 P08 and E34?

Parshant Sharma, I know thats what the manual says, but other people have got it working, so why can't I, right? ;-)

I'll just assume that the CPU support for P08 and E34 is different, but the hardware is the same.
Looking up specs on the motherboard's chipset reveals it should support up to 1Ghz CPU's with Coppermine core, and it has been reported to work.
I'm looking for people who have done this before and can tell me how.
I know they are on this forum. I've seen messages, but no explanations on how it was done.

btw, I'm doing this at home ;-)