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Direct Connect Two Servers

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Direct Connect Two Servers

We are building up our core network infrastructure, and I would like to have it set up to traffic directly between both of our servers without putting a load on our core switch.

We have a DL380 G10 running our primary hypervisor, and a DL360e G8 that is our backup. 

Our backup software is set to take hourly snapshots of the DL380 VMs and send them to the DL360e. These snapshots aren't huge by any means, but I would like them to transfer as fast as possible, without causing any additional network traffic accross the core switch. Currently we are just utilzing a single 1GbE copper connection to each server. We will be upgrading to 10GbE links with the SPF+ modules.

I would like to have one 10GbE link on each server to the core switch for domain traffic, and utilize the other 10GbE connection to interconnect the servers directly to each other for backup transfers. We will also utilize the four additional 1GbE NICs for load balancing and redundancy to our domain.

Is this a task I can achieve?