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Disable CPU cores from Windows

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Disable CPU cores from Windows

I'm using my DL380P G8 as a workstation. Most of the time, I don't need all 16 cores. I can easily get by with half of them. But, there are times when I do need as much processing power as it can give me. So, is there a way, from within Windows 10, to do either of the following.
Disable and re-enable cores without requiring a reboot.
Do the above and requiring a reboot but NOT requiring a trip into the BIOS?
It will be sooooo much more convenient to click a button or run a script to change the CPU core configuration, and let it reboot while I run downstairs for coffee and pork rinds.
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Re: Disable CPU cores from Windows


First of all Windows 10 not supported with this server.

Follow the below link for disabling Processor Cores as well as a system reboot is required.

HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Server - Disabling Processor Cores

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