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Disable Proliant 5000R interlock

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Disable Proliant 5000R interlock

I have an older Proliant is not a production Server...but a test server....I have just moved it from the Rack....Worked fine in the rack...I now go to turn it on and it powers up for about 1 second then shuts off....and will power up and off about every 10 seconds...On the front it has a safety interlock statement saying the unit will power off if the top panel is removed....Therefore I can only conclude that somehow in my moving the unit...I have dislogged a sensor.....(is there more than one??)..I have checked all cards and they are seated properly....I would like to be pointed in one or all of the following directions....

1) a PDF Manual for this unit
2) How to disable this at this point it is not a production I am not worried about accidentilly blowing the unit up...
3) Any Pointers other than mentioned above...


Daniel Thrun
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Re: Disable Proliant 5000R interlock

Greetings. What I normally do is take a pen (metal one would work best)or a old Key and even a screw would work (like the rail kit screws for instance) but for my personal preference a SPACE PEN always worked best... Anyway take the top lid off and jam the Pen/Screw/Key/ in sideways in the interlock near the front of the server. By doing this at least you can troubleshoot the shutdown.

From my experience with the 5000r's I would and I know you checked this would be to resocket the CPU boards and memory boards several times and ensure that the cover plates that keep them in place are on correct. I would then verify that the SCSI cable is not cut or disconnected and recheck the Power Cables etc....

Hope this helps....〈=en&cc=us