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Disable RAID

Sanjeev Das
Occasional Contributor

Disable RAID

I am not able to re-install windows2003 in ML150G3 server the setup stop after displaying HDD not detected, i dont have driver for storage controller.

I wan to disable RAID so that i can go ahead with my installation without using any floppy drive for driver since dont have a floppy drive also.

If somebody can tell me step by step that how to disable raid from cmos setup
Honored Contributor

Re: Disable RAID


check the file I attached

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: Disable RAID

I don't think you can solve your problem this way.
in fact i'm very sure you can't :)

Windows still needs to command the storage-controller to access the disks behind it.
You configure the controller to present storage to the OS, whether it's RAID or a single disk (JBOD).
So windows definitely needs the driver for the storage controller to access any disks (if it's not present on the installation CD).

Options are :
- use an usb-drive key or usb-floppy to supply the driver.
- you can use the ILO-port "virtual media" option to access a floppy (or floppy image file) on a workstation.
- you can boot from the smartstart CD for installation.
- or install a non-raid scsi controller for wich the driver is present on the windows-installation disk. instead of the built-in controller.

The smartstart CD let you fill-in some setup parameters and with this info creates a winnt.sif or unatted.txt. it also creates a $OEM directory with all neccessary drivers before the windows installation is started, so windows can access it from the harddisk in the second phase of setup.