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Disable core required on DL380 G5

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Disable core required on DL380 G5

I've got an old DL380 G5 with 2 X5450 cpus, and after much consternation, realized I could only get it to work with non-SMP kernels, or using SMP but disabling 2/4 cores per proc (4 of 8 total) using the BIOS setting 'Processor Core Disable'.  I get kernel panics while booting VMWare ESX and Linux.  With Linux, I can see that it's during some of the APIC calls related to the 7th core on (core 3 on the second CPU).


Any advice on troubleshooting?  Does that most likely suggest an issue with just the second CPU, the VRM(s) and/or the motherboard?


Thanks for advice,


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Re: Disable core required on DL380 G5

Seems like a bad CPU to me.

Try using just one CPU installed at a time with all cores enabled and see if that works, or if it's still failing on what you suspect is the bad CPU.

At least that way you can probably confirm if it's a bad CPU or a bad socket or whatever.

I assume you have the latest BIOS installed on the server? Any other non-standard settings in the RBSU like funny memory settings or processor idle states, etc? You could set them all to defaults just to make sure and see if that's any better.