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Disabling Alarm on 2120S Raid Controller

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Disabling Alarm on 2120S Raid Controller

I need to know how to disable the alarm caused by bad configurations that I have in my 2120 controller. If possible, I would like to also erase those configurations. I tried using raidutil that I downloaded from Adaptec, but I can't get that to work. I don't know if there is a compatibility problem or I don't know the proper syntax to make it work.
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Re: Disabling Alarm on 2120S Raid Controller


This should work for your controller as the utilities are the same for most of the Adaptec SATA models (I have 2410SA).

When the system boots and the Adaptec controller details are on the screen you should see a message prompting you to press CTRL-A to enter the controller setup.

Disabling the Alarm
Press CTRL-A when prompted
From the menu choose "SATASelect Utility"
At the next screen "Controller Configuration"
Move down to "Alarm Control" and select it
Change it to "Silenced" or "Disabled"

Array Configuration
Go back to the previous menus by pressing the ESC key.
At the first menu choose "Array Configuration Utility"
Next choose "Manage Arrays"

You can delete the existing array from here.
Once deleted a new array can be created from the menu using "Create Array".

Please make sure that you have no valuable data on the disks or that it has been backed up before continuing with deleting the array. Once deleted you won't get it back.

I hope this helps.


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Re: Disabling Alarm on 2120S Raid Controller

Adaptec 2120S can be configured using SMOR or through bootable array configuration utility CD.

You can launch the SMOR ( Storage Manager on ROM) while booting the server by pressing Ctrl +A while prompting after the POST.

From the configuration Menu you can disable the alarm, but it is not recommended, because , while server is running it will not give any alarm, if disks are failed or temperature is high etc.. Better to clear the configuration issue you are facing than to stop the alarm.

Go to the "Array Configuration Utility"
Select "Manage Arrays"

Here You can delete the existing array / Clear the entire configuration.

A new array can be created from the menu using "Create Array".

You can do everything in GUI also, through booting the server with the Adaptec Bootable CD (Linux Kernel) which was supplied with the RAID Controller. Then you can launch array configuration utility & do the same steps above.

Please remember to backup any critical data before doing any configuration changes ti the array, as the data can't be retrieved later.

Hope this will help you...

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