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Disabling automatic power on

Ángel Gutiérrez Rodrígu
Occasional Advisor

Disabling automatic power on

We have some DL585 and DL385 G1 machines that in case of power failure automatically boot when power is restarted. We would like to disable this feature. The RBSU settings only mention ASR (which is disabled), but we found nothing about "power failure". Accessing through the ILO, we made sure that the "automatic power on" is disabled. However, the machines still boot when power is resumed after a power failure. Any hints to control this feature?

Thanks so much in advance

Graeme Bray
Regular Advisor

Re: Disabling automatic power on

Try verifying it in the BIOS. We have ours set to Power ON as we need the higher availability.

Configure BIOS for Auto Reboot after Power Outage
1. Restart the server and Press when prompted during the boot sequence to access the option â ROM Based Setup Utilityâ .
2. Select the Server Availability option and press .
3. Select Automatic Power-On in the â Server Availabilityâ options window and press .
4. Select Disabled and press .
5. Press to close the â Server Availabilityâ options window.
6. Press to exit the ROM Based Setup Utility.
7. Press to Confirm you want to Exit Utility.
8. The server will reboot to complete the configuration changes.
Jon Ward
Trusted Contributor

Re: Disabling automatic power on

There are three power policies on most mide to high end ProLiant servers:

- Power On/Standby button - self explanatory
- Power Restore - when an ungraceful power off occurs, the server returns to the previous power state when power returns. This is why disconnecting the power cord without setting the server to standby is not a good test. This setting is not user settable.
- Automatically Power On - this regulates if power should remain powered off or turn back on in the event of a graceful power shutdown.

To avoid the activation of the Power Restore policy, you need to avoid ungraceful shutdowns. I.e, put the server on a high quality UPS to avoid external power problems and fixing whatever is causing the instantaneous power down to occur.