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Disabling "External storage checks" of HP storage agents

el pinco
Occasional Advisor

Disabling "External storage checks" of HP storage agents


I have a few BL servers with FC mezzanine not yet in use (probably it will be used in the next months). The HP Service Management home page reports that "external storage connections" are in "loop degraded": this is true, but currently I would like to do not see this condition as an error.

Because the servers are monitored via HP SIM, the SIM server reports that those servers are in error.

Is it possible to avoid that HP agents are not reporting these errors/warnings?

Thanks in advance,
best regards,
Louis Henninger_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Disabling "External storage checks" of HP storage agents


If the servers are Windows boxes, you can go to Control Panel. Look for HP Managment Agent.
Open this up and you should see two columns of monitoring tools.

To disable FC HBA's, scroll down on left pane unitl you see something like Fiber Channel array. Highlight this and click the button in the middle labeled Remove (or disable. Your selection will move to the right hand pane. This should disable alerts to HP SIM. Just remember to re-enable this once you start using them.