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Disappointed in "fit and finish" of new G8 servers


Disappointed in "fit and finish" of new G8 servers

I just got a couple new DL385 G8 servers.    I am really disappointed in the appearance of the servers and what appear to be cut corners and laziness in putting them together.    For example, half the stickers on the case and hard drives are not lined up and some are even crooked.    The rails are really cheap and don't even pull out past the rack front making installation and removal harder.    There is no cable management arm.   The server looks really cheap without the front cover, but with the cover on it is hard to see all the status lights. 


Now the actual components and internals are laid out well, and I am fairly certain that it will perform well.   I am a bit taken back by the obvious lack of attention to detail and really hope it hasn't carried over into the hardware.   This is just something I've never experienced with Proliant servers.    I know HP is trying to save money, but this has made me question a $25,000 purchase over what was probably $50 worth of cost cutting.   I'd have happily paid $25,100 to have classic HP build quality.     Frankly, I am not sure I will buy any more G8 servers.   



  I am also disappointed in the use a new hard drive caddy which makes all our existing 2.5" drives obsolete, but that's another matter. 




Re: Disappointed in "fit and finish" of new G8 servers

Can you please take some pictures to us?