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Disaster Recovery help with DL380

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Disaster Recovery help with DL380

Hi Folks


I have a DL380 with an attached MSA20.  I have used the  Hardware Raid featured to pair up disks and set up other parameters.   The Rais system is a SmartArray 6i


I have a seond DL380 that I plan to use as a hot chassis should the first unit go down.


Whay I need to do is to be able to save all of the raid configuration from the first so I can put it into the second chassic.  The last things I need is to have to swap the drives and then find that the new chassic is happily re-initialising them  and earsing the data.


Many thanks for any advice



Jimmy Vance

Re: Disaster Recovery help with DL380

The Smart Array RAID configuration information is stored in a special area called "RIS" on each hard disk that is part of the array. This allows the drives to be moved from one system to another, or the controller to be replaced without loosing the RAID configuration.  Make sure both systems have the same level of firmware on the Smart Array controllers.

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Re: Disaster Recovery help with DL380

Many thanks for that Jimmy