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Disaster Recovery program cant deal with C:\

Dan DeCoursey
Regular Advisor

Disaster Recovery program cant deal with C:\

Proliant   ml350g8 

P420i with 4 460gb 3.5 sata's  config'd as RAID 1+0 = disk1 =C:\

P420  with 4 460gb 3.5 sata's config'd as RAID 1+0 = disk0 =E:\

CA Arcserve v16 DR    


when the DR process is running  for some unknown reason it does fine seeing preparing DISK 0 (Dirve E )   but cant do it with the DISK1 (C:\) 

as you can imagine, initiating the DR process and then seeing it fail to restore C:\  you then get "Missing OS" message at boot time so your server is dead  is discouraging


under the covers alot of DISKPART stuff goes on since we boot the server with a WINPE boot CD    when dealing with disk 1 it will "clean" it but for some reason the disk is then left in a "RAW state  and it cant seem to create a partition or format NTFS ...............I can do all that manually    in diskpart  but the process/script cant ...



is there any way to get HP together with CA to find out if there is some sort of new bug/problem that needs to be ironed out ...... I am in the 3rd week of troubleshooting with CA tech's and getting nowhere fast 

I want  to be able to do the DR using the WINPE method successfully and feel i secure it does work prior to putting the server in production mode  


any advice is appreciated 


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