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Discreet GPU in ML350 Gen9

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Discreet GPU in ML350 Gen9

Hi Guys

Would it be possible to install a non-HP branded GPU in a ML350 G9 server? I talking a card with a GPU chip that is the same as one of the HP branded ones but from a different manufacturer (yes, price) I dont care if its supported or not by HP, i just want to know if they firmware in the server will reject any non-HP GPU's or something like that.




Re: Discreet GPU in ML350 Gen9

I don't believe the firmware will reject the GPU so long as the hardware supports it (PCI Express slots) and drivers are available for the OS you're running. Nvidia makes some pretty hefty server GPU's that aren't HP-branded, and people have no problem installing them.

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Re: Discreet GPU in ML350 Gen9


Ive been trying to find the answer to this without much luck but i have the graphics card cable for an ML350 Gen9, put in a AMD Radeon HD 7900 series card but the server wont boot. I've got 2 x 500w PSUs in there on dynamic power saving but im now wondering if putting a consumer card isnt supported.

I cannot find anyone who knows much about adding graphic cards to servers so hoping someone can help.

Its for a small busines running remote desktop for 3 people. Need to improve the video playback on the server as its crippling for them.

Many thanks in advance