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Disk Controller Advice


Disk Controller Advice

Hi there
i've bought a standard Proliant ML310 and having a few probs - with the help of you guys, i've firgured out that the embedded SATA controller isn't the best.

I want to get a Smart Array controller. Which would be best? The disk I have currently is SATA so i guess I have to get a SATA one?

What do you's all think of the E200/128? Is it good? My problems were due to the lack of cache on the embedded controller.

I've just won a P400 on ebay HOWEVER i think i've been ripped off coz in the picture, the SOCKETS seem to be missing:

Also, how is the P400 SATA compatible when it only has (well a proper one) SAS ports?
Which is better, SATA or SAS?

Your help would be appreciated.
Many Thanks
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Controller Advice

You don't specify what generation the server is (there are several ML310 servers). If you intended to purchase an Smart Array P400, which is PCI-Express, I infer it's a ML310 G4.
That picture in Ebay looks like an Smart Array P400 with the BBWC installed, but the connectors for the ports are missing.
Compare it to the picture here:

SAS is Serial Attached SCSI, it's the serial version of the traditional SCSI bus, like SATA is the serial version of IDE.
The SAS controllers usually support also SATA disks, as the connectors and cables have been designed to be compatible.
The other way around it's not true, SATA controllers do not support SAS disks.

Re: Disk Controller Advice

it is indeed a G4 - sorry I forgot to mention :)

do you know any reasons why the connectors would be missing? are they detatchable???