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Disk & Controller Upgrade

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Disk & Controller Upgrade

Hi I posted a message a few weeks ago (simplex vs duplex) and got a reply thanks, but my reply was then never replied to :-(

I really just need a last minute sanity check before I take down the two primary servers in at our site.

Here was the reply to my original message. Below you will see my questions....

> There should have been a duplex enabler board with this system originally (spare part number 306569-001 contains both if you need one). This is required if you want to split the backplane in two, but the controller you have may be able to handle all 8 drives on one channel (depends on the card).

The sanity check : The controller is a 5302 32mb Smart controller.
I was going to split the disks into two channels but I don't have the duplex card so will leave it as one channel with the 8 disks. So this will be the server with the simplex card, one scsi cable connecting the 5302 to the drive cage, 8 disks (2 X 9gb, 6 X 18gb) in the original drive cage, with 2 logical arrays?????

Thanks again

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Disk & Controller Upgrade

Using the simplex configuration, the Server will support the capacity for 6 x 1.6 inch, 7 x 1 inch (simplex mode) or 8 x 1 inch (duplex mode) hot plug hard drives that are Wide-Ultra SCSI-3. With the purchase of a Optional Ultra2/Ultra3 Drive Cage, the capacity for Maximum Internal Storage
436.8 GB with Wide Ultra2/Ultra3 SCSI (364 GB pluggable with ten 1" 36.4 GB Wide Ultra3 drives). Using the simplex configuration, slot 8 is not supported.