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Disk array problem.

Keith Cheung
Occasional Visitor

Disk array problem.

We have a Proliant ML350 G5 server with six drives connected to an E200i RAID controller configured as a RAID 5 logical drive. Some time ago one of the drives failed and got replaced, however, it didn't rebuild itself. Got in touch with HP support, the guy sent us an Array Diagnostic Utility to run on this server. As it turns out, two other drives on that machine flagged with a "SMART predictive failure errors". According to the technician, the SMART software sees the predictive failure errors and stopped rebuilding the replacement drive. He did send us two more drives to replace those with the predictive failure errors.

Now, we have one replaced drive that the controller won't rebuild; plus two extra drives sitting in a box that I can't replace until the situation with the first drive resolves. In addition, every time we ran Veritas Backup Exec since this happened, it crashed the OS.

Does anyone know of a way to force a rebuild on the array? Or any suggestions on the situation. Thanks.

Re: Disk array problem.

Hi Keith Cheung,
Have you tried to update any components. I would recomend updating the firmware first and also the PSP (ProLiant Support Pack). You might be experiencing a communition problem on the storage sub-system and not the drives directly.