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Disk controller for ML350

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Disk controller for ML350



I have a ProLiant ML350 server at home that I use as a file server. I recently bought four 4TB drives for it to upgrade storage. What I did not check is that the onboard HP Smart Array E200I do not support drives larger than one TB. (The four TB drives shows up as 1.8 TB drives). I am going to run the new drives in RAID 5.


I am thinking of getting something like this:

As far as I can tell, this should be compatible with the server and the drives? Can anyone verify this? Or suggest a better option…


Motherboard: HP 4K07C5

Hard drive bay: 413986-001

New drives: WD40EFRX

Do you need any other part numbers?


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Knut Einar Lindstad


Re: Disk controller for ML350

What OS are you using?  You should also be aware of limitations with Windows disk sizes:


Re: Disk controller for ML350

To provide advice for you, it would be helpful to have the product number of the server.

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Re: Disk controller for ML350

The server is running VMware ESXi 5.5.0

S/N: CZJ75107JU

P/N: 470064-489