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Disk duplacation on RAID1 DL 360 G3

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Disk duplacation on RAID1 DL 360 G3

Hello everybody

I have 2 DL360 G3, with each 2 x 72 GB HDD on RAID1 (with Smart Array 5i)
one is prod server, the other one is backup/test server.I use Debian linux 3.0 as os
I want to make a copy of the prod server on backup server using the RAID possiblity : I take one disk of the prod server, I put it on the backup server and the idea is that the smart array ( with raid 1 activated ) duplicate this disk on one of the backup server disk....
but it doesn't work. The smart array only see my production server disk as a unformated one. I try to use utilities as ACU, ORCA ( smartstart 7.2) but without any results
If someone knows how to arrive to this result,
please say me !
Simon Hailes
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Re: Disk duplacation on RAID1 DL 360 G3

It's horrible!

I've spend 4 days trying to make 2 additional images of a 36 G HDU.

How I suceeded was:
Expand to Raid 1+0 (2-3 hours!!!)

take 2nd drive out & replace with 3rd (-> rebuild, anbout 40 mins).

take this drive out. now you have two usable images by using ACU to create an array and logical drive with the drive in the left position in the unit.

The third drive, which is now a 'failed' Raid 1+0, is easy once you know how. Remove the drive, and use the ACU to clear the configuration. Then add the drive again, and creat an array and logical drive again. This worked for me. Note that if you leave the drive in and delete the logical drive, this destroys data....

The guff about splitting and re-mirroring in the ACU help does not seem to be represented in the software, and HP say you can't go from Raid 1+0 to Raid 0 without data loss...

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Re: Disk duplacation on RAID1 DL 360 G3

hello, all the steps that you execute are corrected. only attention and to remove all discs from backup server and to insert that one of server prod exactly in the same bay .
example ifyou remove disk 1 from Prod insert in bay 1 of backup.

if this step over described is allready , and it does not work , try to clear Smart array configuration on backup server; and try again
you can also control the version of Smart array Firmware , and if necessary to proceed to an alignment.