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Disk failure at shutdown

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Disk failure at shutdown

I have a situation with a Proliant Server which has had a disk failure and now will not boot to the Windows OS we had installed.  The background is as follows:  The server was temporarily removed from its rack while we did some organization and installation of new equipment.  We had it online from a temporary location and running normally.  About 3 weeks ago, we noticed a prefailure light on one of the disks.  There are 4 disks total, two pairs set up in RAID, and each containing one volume visible to the Windows server running on the hardware.  The failed disk was the disk in slot two, and one of the ones with the volume housing the OS.  We ordered a replacement and hot-swapped the disk.  Fast forward to yesterday.  Everything has been running normally since the disk replacement.  I powered down the Windows OS on the server and the hardware automatically powered down to stand by and all disk activity was off.  I racked the server and attempted to power it on.  The new replacement disk came up with warning of full failure.  iLo indicates a fault with the disk.  The hardware powers on and attempts to find an OS to, run but does not.

My thought is that the hot-swapped disk would be seen by the RAID controller and everything would move forward automatically.   Even if something happened to that replaced, second disk, shouldn't normal operations have occurred, albeit with a warning that the RAID controller didn't have a second disk to mirror to?

Any thoughts on what might have happened?  Is there anything at this point to attempt to recover?