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Disk failure in Array

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Disk failure in Array

We have Proliant 3000 server running Windows NT + SP1, which has smart-2DH raid controller and the drives are configured in RAID 5. smart array configuration utility 2.90A
firmware version 3.04
One of the HDD has falied and I have the following message:
smart-2DH controller in slot 4 has bad or missing drive attached to port2:ID3
I have a spare HDD but because it is NT I am not sure if the HDD is hot-swap and also if the RAID will be built online or not. Can anyone advise.Thanks
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Re: Disk failure in Array

If the drives are accesible from outside and have a latch or some sort of button (maroon most probably), then they are Hot-Plugable..

Non-hotplugable drives doesn't have removal mechanisms.

AS soon as you place the spare in the original drive's slot, the Smart Array controller will start the drive rebuil process and you'll notice it becasue a green arrow will start blinking until the rebuild process finishes.

If the drive doesn't start rebuild, run Array DIAGNOSTICS utility form smart start CD, save the report and post it here as an attachement, I'll analize it and will tell you if you are having errors on more than one drive ( made myself an application that looks for parity errors, bus faults and command timeouts patterns into the report's HEX code. )

If you have errors on more than one drive the rebuild process will be queued by the SA-Controller so it can keep the RAID alive while this errors are happening.. Reseating SCSI Backplane and/or connections may solve a communication issue.

Let us know...

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Re: Disk failure in Array

ok champ will do as you advise. I have downloaded the following from the HP site:
Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - Compaq SMART-2 Family and Smart Array 221.exe
Compaq Array Diagnostic Utility.exe
HP ProLiant Drive Array Driver for Windows NT 4.0.exe.
sgould I first install these ??? Please advise. Thanks a lot in advance
Stephen Kebbell
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Re: Disk failure in Array


you should not need to install these yet. If the disk has maroon-coloured tabs, then it's hot-pluggable, and can be replaced online, even in NT4. Just follow the procedure described above, and the rebuild should start automatically. You can use Array Configuration Utility to check the progress of the rebuild.

The extra stuff is only really if you run into problems.