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Disk manager doesn't "see" the CR3500 array

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Disk manager doesn't "see" the CR3500 array

After a normal reboot after updating a backup agent, our CL380 cluster with 2 nodes, 1 CR3500 controller won't see the CR3500 array.

This goes with for both nodes. They can both see the controller and array from the CR3500 configuration utility.

Disk manager on both nodes reports missing disks.

How can I get this array back online?

Would appreciate any fast answer....
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Disk manager doesn't "see" the CR3500 array

Check to see if the isolator board on the back of the shared storage has amber leds. If it does, press the buttons until the leds are not amber.
If that does not fix it, check to see your host port is blank. In the CR3500 ACU, go to the properties of a logical drive. Go to the settings tab. The host port should be 0 or 1. The lun should be a positive #. If they are not, try changing them with the drop down. If does not work, power down both nodes and shared storage. Reset the cr3500 controller with a paper clip. Power on shared storage and let it initalize. There should be no amber leds. Power on 1 node. When in OS, go to the CR3500 ACU and set host port to 0 and lun to 1. After that, system should see the drives. You may want to call the Cluster Support team at Compaq. They are quite knowledgable.