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Disk reports failure when its not borken


Disk reports failure when its not borken

I have a strange issue with a DL380 server. At present it had 6 36gb disks in two logical drives, 0-3 in a raid 5 using reiserfs and 4-5 using xfs in a raid 1. I am running Debian Linux which is up to date. Now this has been running fine for months, but just recently its been having some major problems. After doing any reasonable amount of work the system will freeze, disk 1 will then fail, 5 seconds later disk 3 will fail. This makes a bit of a mess of the system as you lose the raid. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with these disks, if you do a restart and ask the system to try and use them they work fine until 36 hours or so later they fail again. All the other disks are fine and have yet to report any failures. I have replaced the disks with new ones and I get the same issue.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Re: Disk reports failure when its not borken

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