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Disk upgrade on Proliant 3000

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Disk upgrade on Proliant 3000

I'm planning to upgrade my Proliant 3000 NT4-server with bigger disks.
I want to change my 2 9GB disks (with Raid 0+1) with 2 36 GB disks (with Raid 0+1).
My question is if I can change one and let it rebuild and then change the other and then change in compaq array without loosing any data.
Regards Johan
Ron Amos
Valued Contributor

Re: Disk upgrade on Proliant 3000

Hi Johan,

Yes you can do this -- but the only safe way to remove an operational Hard drive is down the server then remove Hard Drive.

On boot POST will ask you to press F2 -- Hot Plug 36GB Hard Drive once back into Operating System. You must have RAID 1 as RAID 0 + 1 requires (4) Hard Drives.

In case this is what you have the procedure is the same. Replace the Hard Drives one at a time in this method waiting for them to complete their re-build.

When all are completed to use the extra space create another logical partition then extend Volume Set within Disk Administrator if you need to keep same drive letter.

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