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Display drivers for Linux

Vitumbiko Nkhwazi
Occasional Visitor

Display drivers for Linux

I have just installed Fedora 9 on an HP DL380 G6 server, but the display is not good, i guess i need drivers for the Video card. Can anyone direct me to where i can download the driver from?
Honored Contributor

Re: Display drivers for Linux

select os and bits 64 etc

and install psp pack contains drivers , but firmware cd vers 8.6 firmware cd〈=en&cc=us&submit=Go%20%BB

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Vitumbiko Nkhwazi
Occasional Visitor

Re: Display drivers for Linux

i have downloaded the psp, but when i try to install it, it brings the following error:

"The Linux O/S on this system cannot be identified
by the HP ProLiant Linux Deployment Utility.
Please check /etc/redhat-release for correctness.
Cannot continue. Exiting"

how do i resolve this?
Jimmy Vance

Re: Display drivers for Linux

Fedore is not supported by the PSP, nor does the PSP contain video drivers so that's pretty much a waste of time.

Set your X configuration to use the VESA driver and you should be good to go.

You can try using thr ATI driver, but the VESA driver will work
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