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Display problem on DL580G2

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Display problem on DL580G2

Hi, All
I'm using an IP console switch to connect both DL580 G2 servers. Both servers has identical harware, however when I switch to one of the servers via the console the LCD displays a fussy desktop the other server has no problem..
I have try rebooting both console switch and server, no luck I'm still having the same problem..
P.S If I were to remote control this server via SMS or by using the riloe card I don't see this problem only when I'm physically on the server I see this problem..
Has anyone seen this before..
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Honored Contributor

Re: Display problem on DL580G2


If you swap the Interface Adapters between the servers does this reverse the situation? In other words could it be the IA attached to the server which is at fault?

If the IA's are at different firmware revisions you should update them to the latest. The IP console switch should also be a 2.1.5 or above.

It might also be worth updating the video driver on the suspect system. Here is a link to the driver for W2K.



Re: Display problem on DL580G2

Thanks Brain..
I'm going to try the following on Monday..
a) Fault IP console converter.. I'm going to swap with a known good converter..
b) Video drivers-
c) and my last option a BIOS update, however unfortunately this requires a reboot..
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Steve Kadish
Trusted Contributor

Re: Display problem on DL580G2


We are also using the HP IP Console Switch. The hardware is licensed from Avocent. I remember that, with the older Avocent switches we used at another job, it was recommended to have the desktop size/resolution at 800x600/256 colors for best results.

I know that this is to small/too few colors for some purposes, but I suggest that you try it anyway and see if it solves your problem, since it's an easily-reversible change.

Good luck,
- Steve

Re: Display problem on DL580G2

Hi, Steve
I drop the resolution down to 800x600 and now the video look good, however I'm a bit concern perhaps this might be a corrupted vidoe driver or a BIOS update might be required..
any idea's
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