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Derek Galvin
Occasional Visitor


I new to compaq/hp servers. I'm trying to install Win 2k on the server. I plugged everything turned on the box, ML370, and nothing is display not even the BIOS intializing. I've tried different monitors ans still nothing. Anyone have any ideas.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Display

Hi TIA !

Do you have an optional Remote Insight Board installed ? Is it in the correct slot (see installation guide on the HP/CPQ homepage) ? You already installed W2k and have now two different video adapters ? Unfortunately you not provided the group with enough details. Please be more specific only so we can help you.

Kind regards
Frank Kaufman
Honored Contributor

Re: Display

Strip the server down to minimum-minimum configuration. Pull out all cards, unplug all hard drives, floppy, CD.

Take out all memory. Plug in a keyboard, you do not need a mouse or a monitor.

If you turn the server on in this lobotomized configuration, the CPU will start and notice that there is no RAM. It will give you some beep beep beep code to signify a RAM error.

If there is no beep at all, your processor is not running so you have a very basic failure, processor, system board or power supply.

If you get the beep, turn it off, put in some RAM and plug in a monitor. It should go through POST and give you some message on the monitor.

Once you get this far, you can start adding components back (one at the time) until you find which piece stops the server to start up.