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Dissimilar RAID members for rebuild

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Dissimilar RAID members for rebuild

Can anyone please help me with the following RAID rebuild problem?

I have a Proliant DL 380 G4 which recently lost a drive fro ma RAID 5 array with 4 disks . The drives in this array are all Model BD1468A4B5 with Firmeware of HPB8 (all original from Purchase) I ordered a replacement drive from a non HP vendor and they swear it is comaptible with the other drives. The new drive BD14689BB9 Firmware HPB1 is new and ready for use. My question is if I can use this drive as is or do I need to go through any special procedures like updaing BIOS, Firmware etc, which I don't believe have ever been performed. My fear is that adding this drive as is to the array will break the already fragile array.

Thank you


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Trygve Henriksen
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Re: Dissimilar RAID members for rebuild

The HPB8 is an old Firmware revision, and I would hesitate to use a drive with such an ancient FW as HPB1 in an existing array.

I think HPBC is the latest edition for these drives(We don't use that many 146GB drives any more. These are the SCSI320 10K models, I believe. We just phased out our old MSA1000 SAN which was full of them. )

Download a Firmware Maintenance CD and this FW:〈=en&cc=us&idx=1&mode=4&

You may consider updating whatever else exists of Firmware on the server at the same time. (If you have to reboot it anyway... )