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Dl 360G4/G4p

Shay Hanya
Occasional Contributor

Dl 360G4/G4p


I have a few q. about Dl 360G4 and Linux.

1) I need to install Red hut 3 enterprise on this server, can I use smartstart if yes where can I get smartstart with linux support? If no how can I do it? after I run the Linux cd, I cannot find any disks.

2) I have 2 more servers with Checkpoint and Alladin esafe gateway 5, the core is version 2.4.21, the fans are working very high is there a way to do something about it that they wont do alot of noise?

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Dl 360G4/G4p


1. No I don't believe that SmartStart provides installation support for Linux.

If you're having problems with Linux finding disks on a server with the 6i controller such as the DL360G4, then you're using an old version of RedHat 3, that doesn't have the necessary cciss driver in the kernel.
You'll need to download at least Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS Update 3 from

2. What OS is Checkpoint / Alladin running on top of ? If Linux I guess you may have to install the relevant ProLiant Support Pack to get the health drivers that will control the fan speed.


Vitaly Karasik_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Dl 360G4/G4p


1) RHEL3 works with DL360G4 (, I suggest you to take the latest RHEL3 update - update 6.
For now SmartStart CD doesn't support Linux installation in "Assisted Installation" mode.
Before Linux install you should create a logical disk. You can do it or by going to built-in RAID partitioning tool during BIOS start, or by booting raid utility from SmartstartCD.

2) AFAIK, Checkpoint uses some custom linux distro based on some RedHat distro.
I don't sure that HP's PSP (ProLiant Support Pack)will work for "Checkpoint linux". (
You can or check with HP/Checkpoint support if they recommend PSP instalation.
The second option is using some utility from SmartstartCD - as far as I remember, they provide it.

Vitaly Karasik