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Dl 360e Gen8 onboard SATA and SD

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Dl 360e Gen8 onboard SATA and SD

Hi all,

I'm looking for some info regarding onboard SATA, slimline SATA and SD card port.

I just get DL 360e G8 LFF for my home lab. I wanted to install light weight OS either on SD card, or Windows Server on SSD. Problem is that It's not detecting SD card at all (i tried three of them including HP branded), does anyone has some experience with it?  Then I tried connecting SSD to SATA port on board and that's the other question. 

There is a SATA port called rear SATA but no power connector, I supplied power from the connector which goes to caddies and tested it on 2.5" HDD. Drive is spinning but not detected by the system. Does not matter what SATA option I set up in BIOS RAID b120i, EHCI SATA or legacy SATA. Only drives in the caddies are detected during controller initialization. Same goes for iLO only caddies’ drives are visible

I'm have done the BIOS upgrade to ver 2019 and iLO4 2.70.  The only thing which changed after the iLO update was the fan speed from 26% to 38% is there any way to downgrade iLO version?

I haven't tried slimline SATA (for optical drive), I would have to order adapter cable to test it.

Does anyone have some experience with that? What's the rear SATA connector intended use?


Thanks in advance




Re: Dl 360e Gen8 onboard SATA and SD

As per my understanding, a HP ProLiant DL360e Generation 8 is subjected here. 

With regards to the OS which is being attempted to be installed, please ensure that it is a supported OS version as per the following OS support matrix for the particular model of the server.

As per the server quickspecs, it supports 4 LFF drives (Smart carrier) installed in the designated hotplug slots in the front. Raw drives without caddy may not be supported.


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Re: Dl 360e Gen8 onboard SATA and SD


Thank you for your reply, yes HP ProLiant DL360e Generation 8 is a subject and it's LFF 4 caddies on the front.

As I understand SD card slot is used for light weight OS such as VMWare ESXi, however I can't install it there because it's not detected, even if I use 8GB HP branded SD card. System does not see it.

Could you tell me the purpose of the onboard SATA port? I can't upload the image to show what I'm referring to, it's marked as "rear SATA" It's just a data connection without power connection. Right next to it is slimline SATA "optical drive"

Thank you for the links, much appreciated!