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Dl 380 p400

Frequent Advisor

Dl 380 p400

Hello everyone,
I would like some advice on a small problem.

dl 380 with my p400, and four disks in raid 5 for 36 gb.

The storage is running out.


I bought four 146GB disks.
I can expand the raid 5 created with disks of 36 gb?
Or should I create another disk array?



Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Dl 380 p400


if you could install the 146GB disks in the same server at the same time as the 36GB disks I suppose it should be possible to create a new array /logical drive of the 146GB disks and copy the everything over to the new array.

You may want to read the ACU user guide, it has some good details about this.