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Dl145 G3 - e200 - cable ?

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Dl145 G3 - e200 - cable ?

Hi all

I have this scenario:
Server: DL145 G3 Non Hot Plug Model
e200 Controller
2 Non Hot Pluggable SATA HDDs

so the question is
what is the cable that I need to connect this controller to these HDDs?

quickspecs for Dl145 G3 says about a cable but for Hot Plug models what about mine?

HP SATA/SAS Host Cable Kit -> 389650-B21
NOTE: For use with Hot Plug SATA/SAS models only. }

any idea?

thanks a lot
James Luey
Occasional Visitor

Re: Dl145 G3 - e200 - cable ?

Hi Gensy,

So to clarify, you want to attach your E200 SAS controller to your Non-Hot Plug SATA drives ie a direct cable connection. As the quickspec implies, this would be unsupported. The expectation is that you connect your Non-Hot Plug SATA drives to your embedded SATA controller of your DL145.

However if you were to have say an ML150G5 a similar concept exists using...

HP Internal SAS/SATA 4-Port Cable
NOTE: This cable is required when adding either the HP SC44Ge or the HP Smart Array E200 on a non hot-plug SATA model 457692-B21


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Re: Dl145 G3 - e200 - cable ?

oh thanks for your answer

where it says it's "this would be unsupported"
I've tried to read all quickspecs for this but no luck (to say to my customer
it is driving me crazy)

I was thinking that maybe e200 is only supported in Hot plug models (I really don't know specs does not mention that) that's why there is not such a cable to connect my e200 with Non Hot Plug HDDs.

Yes I saw ml150 g3 same as G5 there is a cable for e200 en non hot plug models

I don't know if someone has more information please let me know

is it supported? that configuration?
my EU did mistake buying that e200

or what I missing?

James Luey
Occasional Visitor

Re: Dl145 G3 - e200 - cable ?

I agree with you.

In the DL145 the E200 is supported in a Hot Plug Configuration. This is why there is no cable listed to cover the scenario you have with E200 and non-hotplug drives.

For Non-Hot Plug you are expected to use the Embedded SATA Controller.