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Dl145 g2 win2k3 raid1 Vmware Crash

David Haché
Occasional Contributor

Dl145 g2 win2k3 raid1 Vmware Crash

I own a DL145 G2 with 16gb of ram and 2X500GB SATA drives.
I have windows 2003 R2 Enterprise with VMWare server 1.5 installed on it.

This is a fresh install with all the most recent patches with ClamWin antivirus.

The Disks are set up as dynamic with C: in raid 1, D: in raid 1 and E: in raid 1.
I have the Vm's on the E: drive.
No page file exists on the server as it has 16gb of ram.

My issue is the server seems to Hang.
It responds to pings, and when i hard reboot it, i only see in the log that it has shutdown for unexpected reason. (No fault message)

Could it be possible that the IO is crashing the server?

Any ideas on how to get this server stable?