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Dl369 G7 with Hyper-V 2008 R2 and NCU issues

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Dl369 G7 with Hyper-V 2008 R2 and NCU issues


Have two DL360 G7 servers running hyper-V 2008 R2, in a Failover Cluster with Cluster Shared Volumes. Problem i think, is the Network Config Utility and NIC Teams.


Two servers connect to Procurve 3500yl switches and have verified same config on both.


Have four NICs (NC3821 and NC375t - both with latest drives downloaded and installed). Two in a Hyper-V mgmt TLB team and three in Hyper-V prod networt TLB team. Other three are used by iSCSI so not teamed. NIC teams are connected to both HP switches for redundancy.


Version control agent installed and PSP 8.7 deployed. Latest version of NCU installed - 10.45.


Looking at the server via SMH and all green ticks for all components, includign the NIC teams. But when accessing via Hyper-V console and starting HPTEAM.CPL, I see the Prod team is okay, but the Mgmt Team is not showing at all. jsut shows the NIC but without teaming. Yet, in SMH and in Hyper-V network settings, the teams are there and appropriate IP addresses are shown.


Reconfigure the teams and they are fine for a day or so, but then (also happens if restarted) the Mgmt team just disappears from the NCU.


The second server is configured in the same way but no problems thus far.


The server eventually records NIC failure and the server ends up isolated from the Hyper-V cluster...


Alongside this the event log is fllling up with Application Error 1000's. Faulting application WMIPRVSE.exe for module MSVCR90.dll. Found a HP note and a Microsoft update that supposedly fixes this error, but the module names dont match with the tech notes so haven't applied the update from MS. Not sure this is related to the NCU problem.


Am about to rebuild the server from scratch as in trying to figure out what is wrong, i may have completed stuffed it.


So just wondering if anyone seen this before and know of a fix? or am i barking up the wrong tree.


Any help or advise gratefully recieved. Pretty sure a reinstall will will fix it, but am keen to know why it happens.