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Dl380 G3 scsi id error on backplane

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Dl380 G3 scsi id error on backplane

dl380 g3 max sockets and scsi ids on backplane 0-5

dl380 g3 raidconfig with 4 hdds 3+hotspare
during failure with hdd on socket 1 the hdd gets wrong scsi-id 9 ! removeing failed hdd
new hdd gets right scsi-id 1 on socket 1
but raid autorebuild won´t start with "wrong"
scsi id config 9 - 1
any chance to set or get this hdd on scsi-id 9
for rebuild start od change controller config

regards mike

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Re: Dl380 G3 scsi id error on backplane


there was such problem with firmware 2.80.

Make a backup.
Downgrade the controller firmware to 2.76(if 2.80).
Try again, if situation is the same, return the old HDD, take it out for the controller to see it and re-plug the new one...

Other thing which you can try after downgrade is to turn off the server, take the HDDs out, wait till the controller initializes and then return the HDDs in the same positions with the new one in. So the rebuild can start recognizing the HDD failure...

The 1st action is a bit dangerous, because after plugging the old one, a rebuild will be tried on it. If someone has other ideas, it will be maybe better to make his action :)