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Dl380 G4 No Display After Memory Upgrade

Mark Warner_2
Occasional Contributor

Dl380 G4 No Display After Memory Upgrade

I upgrade my DL380 G4 from 4 1GB Dimms to 4 2GB Dimms.  After doing this, the onboard video stopped working.  The server boots up completely, but never displays anything to the monitor.  When I replace the original memory back, the display works fine.   Any idea???

Can't? I don't know the meaning of the word.

Re: Dl380 G4 No Display After Memory Upgrade

Hi Mark, 


Issue could be with unsupported DIMMs or population order. 


Refer DL380 G4 Server QuickSpec Document for more information and supported memory options:


The 2GB option kit part number is 343057-B21 (4 GB of Advanced PC2 PC3200 DDR2 SDRAM DIMM Memory Kit (2 x 2048 MB)). 

Also, refer HP ProLiant DL380 G4 Server - Spare Parts:


Ensure that the memory spare part number you are installing is listed on above document. 


If the issue not resolved, let us know the spare part number of memory modules you are installing. 



Murali V 

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Re: Dl380 G4 No Display After Memory Upgrade

Hello Mark,


#1 - Could you let me know the memory specifications of the new memory kit or let me know the HP spare part number?

#2 - Could you let me know the number of processors installed??

#3 - Did you mix the 2GB modules along with the 1GB modules ?

#4 - Have you tried installing 2 2GB modules in the first bank by keeping the other slots empty? If the answer is a 'no' then try it and then repeat the same process with the next set of 2GB modules.


I am looking forward to your reply. Cheers :)