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Dl380 G6 -- getting 12V power for PCI-e card(s)

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Dl380 G6 -- getting 12V power for PCI-e card(s)



I'd like to use some PCI-E card(s) that perform best with some extra external power (more than what it can get from PCI-E slot).  It needs:

12V, 3A = 36W for one card, ideally I'd like to install 3 or 4 of them.


Typically it plugs into the normal peripheral power connector on a power supply (like what a hard drive would use)...but HP servers are proprietary and have no such connectors.


Short version:


For DL380 G6, please provide:

1.  Pinouts for SAS power connector B

2.  Any comments on the type of connector this is, doesn't appear to be standard Molex so I can have a cable made.

3.  Pinouts for SATA optical drive connector

4.  Any comments on the type of connector this is, not sure if it's standard mini-SATA?


Longer version:


From what I can tell, there are 3 sources of power on the DL380 G6 as described below.

So my question is, on page 17 of the below PDF is a picture of the system board.  Near memory slot 9 of CPU 2 are two connectors.  On Page 14 there is a smaller picture, they are marked 2 and 3.  I've been told by HP these connectors are called "DIMM Slot to SAS power connector A" and DIMM Slot to SAS power connector B".  In the below PDF they are simply SAS power connector A and B.  In our case only A is occupied, can you please provide me with pinouts for B?:

Also on Page 14 item 5 is a SATA optical drive connector, I believe this is a mini-sata.  Can you please provide me with pinouts for this too?

I've spent 2 hours on the phone with HP and 2 hours opening tickets with the PCI-E board maker and have not been able to get anywhere.  It seems to me many people would need 12V for tons of other purposes.  In fact, this guy has an open and unanswered thread from 8/20/2009 on the IT Support Forum about this same server:

If you could assist me with this I'd appreciate it very much.  I won't elaborate here but I've jumped through more hoops than the dolphins at Sea World to try to get this question answered!