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Dl380 G7 Blinking Red Status LED

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Dl380 G7 Blinking Red Status LED

Dear Forum Users, Yesterday I received a DL380 G7 in the post, it was working great, no problems at all. Today I go to setup more VM's in ESXI, to find out the server won't turn on. The power button has the orange light like normal, but the status LED is blinking red. If I unplug the power, and plug it back in, it will automatically turn on for 3 seconds, then turn off for 3, for about 10 cycles. After that if I press power it will do the same. I've already tried different psu, different cpus, different ram, different CMOS battery, different power cables, different raid cards, pretty much everything. I've been doing the usual googling for a few hours and nothings working. I've also tried reseeting the NVRAM, which fixed it for a few minutes, then back to this. Also, the component status panel has no lit LEDs.


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Since you have tested the server with different components and still the server will not power on so this could be an issue with the PSU backplane or the systemboard itself. Check if both the CPU have green LED or not and if you have an identical model server then test by swapping the systemboard and the PSU backplane.


Since this looks like one of the component is faulty causing the server not to power on hence request you to log a case with us uing the below link:-




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