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Dl380 g8 raid spanning

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Dl380 g8 raid spanning



I was informed that you cannot span the raid between 2 drive cages on a dl380 server...

Is there a reason why raid spanning cannot be achieved with this setup?



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Re: Dl380 g8 raid spanning



As no current HP controllers support more than 2 internal ports I imagine that the spanning at the hardware level would only be possible if you cable both enclosures in the following ways:


1: Via a SAS expander card to the P420i, I note that the HP SAS expander card does not appear to be qualified for the Gen 8 systems thus you may have a tech support issue on that front.


2: Using a non HP SAS controller than has 4 internal connectors, again it's possible support issue.


Obviously you can create logical drives in each cage then span them once into your o/s, which I accept is not much use if you want to span all drives into one huge drive and have you o/s installed on the span.  I assume you arent going to do this as you really want your o/s and data storage to be on different drives.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Dl380 g8 raid spanning

you could just buy the 25SFF chassis which has a SAS expander built in. Some folks sell these chassis or CTO and move your guts over.


It's like the front clip of the car in how it can come off.


Allows a single 25 disk raid set (10) or (ADM10) 


ADM takes 3 drives and forms one super reliable logical drive.