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Dl380p Gen8 and P420i cache

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Dl380p Gen8 and P420i cache

Hello guys,

I'm a doubt for cache setting on P420i installed on Proliant Dl380p Gen8, because although it has a battery when I  launch Intelligent Provisioning on controller setting the write cache is always disable. Why this?

I thinked it manage automatically so if there isn't battery the cache is disable but if battery is present and full charge the cache should be enable?






Re: Dl380p Gen8 and P420i cache



Write Cache will be disabled or cannot be changed in the following scenarios:

1. If Cache module is not installed or disconnected or is bad.

2. Any firmware related issues with the controller.



See if the cache module is properly connected to the controller, check if there is any error messages during POST for example 17xx error messages.


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Re: Dl380p Gen8 and P420i cache

Is strange because cache module is installed (1Gb FWBC) and I've already update firmware at last version (5.42)


This is controller and server model:  P420i/1GB FBWC 460 W (704559-421)


battery status is fully charged, maybe I 've to force enable on write cache from bios?




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Re: Dl380p Gen8 and P420i cache

Hi! Have you tried to enable the Cache Module?

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Re: Dl380p Gen8 and P420i cache

I have similar issue. i replaced the cache module as it was degraded but i see the cache is disabled. is there any risk of lose data if i force to enable it ? The ESXi is not showing the disks


Re: Dl380p Gen8 and P420i cache


I hope all is well.

I would like to request you update the server with the latest first before performing any activity.

Latest bios: 2019.05.24(A)(28 Jun 2019)

Latest iLO4 firmware:2.73

Latest SA P420i firmware:8.32 (C)

* RECOMMENDED * Online ROM Flash Component for Windows (x64) - Smart Array P220i, P222, P420i, P420, P421, P721m, and P822

NOTE: Do not update the latest bios and firmware at the latest, if the server running very old bios and firmware. You can skip only two versions.


  • I logged onto the server and launched the Smart Storage Administrator console
  • You  can see there are some status messages for the Smart Array P420i controller
  • If we click on the ‘View all status messages’ link the popup below is displayed and informs us the cache is not configured
  • Clicking the Configure link will give us some extra options
  • Select the ‘Cache Manager’ menu and then click the ‘Cache Settings’ link
  • Now we can configure the cache including the ratio of cache storage to be used for reading and write requests
  • Based on the IO pattern of these servers you can decide to set a ratio of 70% or 80% for reads and 30% or 20% for writes. Obviously you should consider the needs of your environment before setting this option. Make sure to select the logical drive you wish to enable caching on.
  • Having clicked the ‘OK’ button I am presented with a summary of the change, click ‘Finish’ to proceed
  • We can see the alert no longer displays and the ‘Cache’ Status’ has changed from ‘Not Configured’ to ‘OK’

Please share the POST error code, if the issue still persists after performing the above activity.

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