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Dl740 G1 220-Runtime Cache Accelerator Failure

Drew Rycroft
Occasional Contributor

Dl740 G1 220-Runtime Cache Accelerator Failure

Good afternoon everyone


I have a Dl740 G1 which has been showing the following errors in post and has also been running very slowlly :

220-Runtime Cache Accelerator Failure .


I will be replacing both of the processor boards as this error didn't specify which of the 2 seem to be faulty and will also be using the F9 procedure to clear the error .


If these steps dont work what is the next step to remedy this issue ?


Thank You



Re: Dl740 G1 220-Runtime Cache Accelerator Failure



This is according to my experience:


At the first occurrence:

1. Press F9 , when the server beeps twice during boot, to enter the ROM-based configuration utility.
2. Once in the utility, select Advanced Options.
3. Select Set Cache Accelerator Corrected.
4. Select each slot as corrected.
5. Press ESC twice then press F10 to save the configuration changes.
The server will reboot.


At the second occurrence:
Replace the system I/O board the cache chips are embedded in that board. Spares #361174-001


At the third occurrence:
Replace the processor boards with Spares #314379-001 x 2


Hope you get some idea.