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Do I need to install PSP?

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Do I need to install PSP?

Hi All:
As title.
I've setup serval Proliant servers DL380G3 ,win2000 server,using Smart Start7.0.
Do I have to install PSP? Every thing seems working just fine.

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Re: Do I need to install PSP?

The PSP can give you diagnostics and remote administration functionality.

If you do not install the full PSP, you can install individual packages and agents...

Here is the PSP Users Guide:
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David Claypool
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Re: Do I need to install PSP?

One of the things that SmartStart does during an assisted installation is to install the PSP. Subsequently you can download newer versions of the PSP as needed to keep it up to date. If you have several servers you can automate the process using HP Systems Insight Manager's version control capability.

Contrary to the last post, I strongly urge anyone to use the ProLiant Supprt Pack and not mess with individual components. For one thing the PSP components are tested together as a set. Mixing and matching various versions of drivers and things could introduce issues (e.g. array driver from 2 versions back, current version of the array config utility). The PSP is the most convenient method and it only installs the components necessary to support that system.