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Re: Does Array battery pack offer anything here?

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Does Array battery pack offer anything here?

Hello, we have a DL380 Gen9 with a Smart Array P440ar controller thats populated with 8x600GB 15k SAS drives. Using one array in a RAID 50 configuration.


My boss recently bought a  HP Smart Array Cache Battery Kit (383280-B21) and told me to take the server down and install it. But, according to my research the P440ar is already provisioned with a battery / capacitor by default. HP Smart Storage Administrator shows that one battery / capcitor is installed.


Will taking down the server and installing this battery kit help anything? Can it even be installed on this controller?


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Re: Does Array battery pack offer anything here?

383280-B21 is for the P400, a different controller. You have a P440. The DL380 Gen9 has a storage battery installed, that can feed all installed smart arrays in the server. The P400 pack is useless for this server and cannot be installed at all.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Does Array battery pack offer anything here?

Torsten's answer is correct.  The question itself had me laughing... I feel bad for the original poster.  I think we've all been there at some point... a boss who just buys stuff and says "do something with this".