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Donation of Proliant DL380 G3. Upgrade it "at all". Issues and informations

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Donation of Proliant DL380 G3. Upgrade it "at all". Issues and informations

Hello pals.


I've received 4 servers, 4 Proliant DL 380 G3 in donation. The four of them are with 3,06GHz processor. I'm mounting them 2 by two, with reduntant things.


I'll use them to folding at home. But I'm bumping up about certain things




Even when I click on "obtain software", opens another page, saying that I must link something like warranty package, or something like this.


I just need, yet, download a new BIOS, preferably to linux.


HD  - 2 issues



largers hds, like maxtor, are detected with, just, 32.4Gb. It's a "NIC" issue? I've updated the RAID card BIOS, but I've not tryied reboot yet. Just at night when I'm at home


HD issue 2 - I didn't found the correct "pre install SCSI driver" to run windows 2000 on this server. I'm running fedora on it, cause only this OS I could install without driver (and updates run perfectly, that ones "scexe")


I've downloaded one, that makes windows detect "adaptec SCSI driver" but after, windows says that no hd are detected. I mind it's cause the raid, put another HD without RAID, but same issue


CD-ROM - natively, only CD-ROM are read. This CD-ROM drive is SCSI? IDE? It's possible put a "sata driver" or "IDE driver" using any of the connectors on proliant? I've tried with a "Sata card" but PCI-X slot "didn't like it", system don't starts

Only CD, and I've windows server 2008, DVD, that I could use on proliant, but, with, only, CD it's difficult


FAN NOISE - Is there some controller, OS based, that "takes it better".... on fedora, hpasm, forum said, that did the work, but on "hp site" I've not found it anymore.


Software issue


I haven't found anymore hp proliant utils... I want try, if "CD ROM" issue is impossible create a usb bootable disk to install win server 2008, and after make SCSI's driver work during instalation.