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Doors on ML570's - is this a joke

Jeremy Peake
Occasional Contributor

Doors on ML570's - is this a joke

I have 2 ML570's and the LED panel on the door is positioned so that if you close the door with anything more that the lightest possible touch, the plastic LED conductor thing (not sure what it's called) hits the power switch and the server reboots...

I've removed the doors.

Anyone else think this is a strange design?
Honored Contributor

Re: Doors on ML570's - is this a joke

The front bezel for the 570 is a bit large and tends to hang from the two metal hinges. If you "bend" them a bit it will not hang down as much. Take the "door" off it you need to, but realize that the power switch is now exposed to accidential or otherwise touching.
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