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Downgrading a DL380p server

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Tamas Gregorics
Occasional Advisor

Downgrading a DL380p server


We have a DL380p Gen8 16 SFF disk modell server (original config, not updated). It has a 2nd smart array controller in one of the PCI slots, as required by the specifications.

The server is being repurposed, and we no longer need the disks in the additional 8SFF disk bay cage, but we do need 3 empty PCI slots (single CPU only, so can't use the 2nd riser).

Is it okay, to just remove the additional smart array controller, its cabling, and the disks from the "add-on" bay (repelacing with blanks) , and use the server like this? Is there any monitoring built into the add-on bay/backplane which would generate some allert conditions due to the lack of controller/cabling connectivity?

Thank you.

Jimmy Vance

Re: Downgrading a DL380p server

It will work fine with the changes you are asking about

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