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Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed

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Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed

One of our HP ProLiant DL380 G4 server is having the warning message "Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed".

In the system event log, it shows:-

Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed. The array accelerator board attached to the array controller in Slot 0 is reporting a battery failure.

Will someone be able to advise me the following? Greatly appreciate it.

1/ Function of the Drive Array Accelerator Battery

2/ Impact of this failure

3/ Future impact if this part is not replaced

4/ Risk involved in replacement

5/ Estimated downtime that would usually require for replacement

Much appreciated someone's soonest reply!
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Re: Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed

1) the battery holds the write cache in case of power loss

2) no write cache

3) still no write cache

4) nothing, check if no rebuilt is in progress

5) shutdown, replace, boot up (IMHO ~30 min).

Hope this helps!

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Re: Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed

Acutally the write cache feature will continue to work while the battery is dead. However there will be no opportunity to recover data from the cache should the server fail unexpectedly.

If the server is still under warranty, open a case with HP to get the new battery and replace it during the next chance you have to reboot.

HP warranty check:

Good luck!
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Re: Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed

Thanks for the replies :)
I also heard that the battery actually holds raid info. Can someone confirm and elaborate on this?

Re: Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed

I assume you have a Smart Array 6i array controller, what version of firmware is it running? Versions below 2.48A had an issue with the battery charging. Once we applied a firmware equal to or greater than 2.48A, this problem went away for our G4's. Your battery might be bad, but I consider the firmware level first.

Description of the firmware: