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Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed

Christof Mazenauer
Occasional Contributor

Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed

Good day,


The issue I have occured about 8 Months ago and lasted 7 days (aprrox.). Afterwards, everything was normal again, until 2 days ago. Maybe this issue will resolve itself, but I really would like to know if I could get any trouble.


Basically I receive the following Event Log Entry in the Windows Log. Please note that NO errors are repored in the HP ProLiant System Log Application.


"Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed. The array accelerator board attached to the array controller in Slot 1 is reporting a battery failure."


Afterwards he disables the acceleraton. The strange thing is, some hours later the Storage Manager reports that everything is fine again, until after some more hours it starts again reporting the above error, which gets resolved again and so on.


Installed is a Smart Array 641 with Firmware 2.34.


My main questions are:

1. Is there any risk in just leaving it as it is? To be honest, I don't need the acceleration anyway, nobody every reported performance problems.

2. What's the cause of this, and why did it disappear again after some days the last time (and maybe this time)?

3. Should I disable the acceleration anyways, if not needed, and does this change affect anything or can I do it during work times with the config tool? I guess I can as obviously the controller does it by itself.

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Re: Drive Array Accelerator Battery Failed

The latest firmware is 2.84. Consider to update. But maybe the cache board itself is faulty.

Hope this helps!

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