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Drive Diagnostics & Data Destruction Tools

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Intel Server team_1
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Drive Diagnostics & Data Destruction Tools

Gents, I have a reclaimed 50+ 72.8GB WU3/U320 disks from old servers that we have decommissioned.

I am looking at keeping these for drive upgrades, swaps...etc..etc..

I was hoping to see if anyone else can recommend any good drive diagnostics tools that can do thorough surface scans, read/write tests....

Also I was looking to see what tools people use to do data destruction on servers?

Any guidance would be appreciated

Re: Drive Diagnostics & Data Destruction Tools

Hi, as for wiping the disk go to
This is a great program used by allot of corporations. It allows for 1x or 7x pass secure wipe and runs from the boot so you can wipe a group of disks fast.
As for disk inspection go to

They have links to all the major manufactures of drives who offer free utilities to fit test your drive. Why spend money on if you donâ t have to.

Hope this helps
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Drive Diagnostics & Data Destruction Tools

if all hdd originally sold by hp use insight diagnostic or adu from old reserves, as not all problems can be seen by other tools, open adu report and analyze read, write problems, rebuilds and other ... U3 72gb make sure all has latest firmware (u320 also recomended)