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Drive Failure in Raid5 array with Hotspare.

jason blake

Drive Failure in Raid5 array with Hotspare.

Proliant ML370 G3 Server with smart 641 raid contoller and 5 72GB Ultra320 HDDs, one configured as a hot spare.

Came in this morning and found the server stuck on bios and one of the drives red "im busted" leds on.
Power cycled server, windows loads. Hot spare not cut in, also going into the array config utility in windows the controller reports no failed drives and everything appears ok. Theres one log message showing in the log viewer POST Error: 1724-Drive Array - Physical Drive Position Change(s) Detected....
Anyone no why the spare has not cut in ? and why the 1724 message is there when no physical drive movents have happened ?
Could the controller me a bit dodgy ?
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Drive Failure in Raid5 array with Hotspare.

Chances the error caused server to crush is SW related and Read/Write action failed from accelerator, where drive just hung, agent might see drive in unknown stage and report it as failed. Server restart it will wait at F1 prompt (if it enabled from F9). As long Drive still in the same slot, online spare won't take over. Priority will be given to drive in the same slot. If drive over post passes test recovery will start; and online Spare continue to sleep. Reason why it did report Drive Position has been changed - more informational for Logical drive configuration has automatically been updated. I don't think there any problem with controller or HDD, however you can run over Firmware CD.